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Ameristar Vinyl Replacement Windows and Patio Doors: Affordable, Efficient Luxury for your Riverside Home

Homeowners in Riverside, California and across the United States are looking for home improvements to add beauty and luxury to their homes while also understanding the importance of making their home energy efficient. At Ameristar Windows, we have a solution to both….efficient luxury. We manufacture vinyl replacement windows and patio doors that are energy efficient, beautiful and affordable. Let’s discuss why Ameristar vinyl replacement windows and patio doors can bring affordable, efficient luxury to your Riverside home.

Ameristar Vinyl Replacement Windows and Patio Doors are Affordable

From the beginning of our business, our number one goal at Ameristar Windows has been to bring our customers energy efficient windows at an affordable price. We strive to offer the lowest cost to you, the consumer. Our factory showroom is located right here in Riverside so we can sell factory direct to you and save you money. Buying factory direct can save you time by eliminating the middle man. We can assure you hassle-free, on-time project scheduling with our reliable, expert installers saving you valuable time.

Ameristar Vinyl Replacement Windows and Patio Doors are Energy Efficient

As we all become more aware of the dangers facing our environment, energy efficiency becomes an important way homeowners can contribute to the betterment of our planet. Consider this: it would take 9 million trees to absorb the CO2 produced in one year by insufficient windows. And, were you aware that one home consumes energy and emits greenhouse gases equivalent to that of two full size SUV's? Armed with this type of information we begin to understand our obligation to do our part to help this precious environment.

At Ameristar, we pride ourselves in manufacturing vinyl replacement windows and patio doors which meet the highest energy saving standards. Our Dura Platform spacer system traps air in sealed, insulated chambers much like the compartments designed into high-performance PVC profiles. These insulating pillows of air reduce energy loss through the spacer, improving condensation resistance and energy efficiency of the window by up to 10%. Dura Platform spacers reduce energy loss when heating and cooling homes thus also reducing the amount of carbon dioxide created and the impact on the environment.

For high levels of solar control and year round comfort and savings, Ameristar vinyl replacement windows are fabricated with LoĒ³-366 glass. LoĒ³-366 glass provides the perfect balance of UV protection and high visibility. This specially formulated coating blocks 95% of damaging UV rays delivering not only unmatched temperature management, but also protecting your carpeting, walls and furniture from the harmful rays of the sun. While LoĒ³-366 glass filters the sun better than a tinted window, it also allows the pleasant, full California sun to shine in to your home.

Luxury Means More Than Beauty

Although luxury is often associated with beauty, luxury can also refer to a refinement of living. This is what you will find with Ameristar vinyl replacement windows and patio doors. Manufactured with premium vinyl, Ameristar vinyl replacement windows and patio doors will not rust, corrode, peel or blister. Because of this optimal durability, our vinyl replacement windows and patio doors need virtually no maintenance and will never have to be painted. Our windows are built to last.

Outside noise can definitely have an impact on your lifestyle, especially if you live near a freeway, airport or other location with increased noise levels. Ameristar’s well designed vinyl replacement windows use 33% thicker glass which helps reduce air and noise infiltration. Coupled with the air barrier produced with our Dura Platform spacer system, our windows offer superior noise reduction.

High performance and added home security will also improve your daily living. Ameristar vinyl replacement windows will give you both. You will receive peace of mind with our state-of-the-art locking system. Our locks will lock automatically with an easy, single motion and offer a strong, secure performance.

Our vinyl replacement windows and patio doors are also beautiful! We offer several architectural designs and, because they are custom built, you can be assured of their precision fit in your home. The smooth, streamlined look of Ameristar’s vinyl replacement windows and patio doors will improve the look and feel of your home both inside and out. Their dynamic lines will beautifully complement your home’s exterior, enhancing your curb appeal. Our handsome vinyl replacement windows and patio doors will also add style and sophistication to the scope of your interior design.

Another way Ameristar Windows can help make your vinyl replacement windows and patio doors more affordable is through the HERO (Home Energy Renovation Opportunity) program. The HERO program allows property owners to receive a fixed-interest rate loan, with flexible payment terms, for projects that help lower utility bills, increase property value and overall make the community more sustainable. Ameristar Windows services Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles and Orange County. To learn more about the HERO program, please visit or call 855-HERO-411 (855-437-6411) to speak with a program representative.

To request a free consultation and to learn more about Ameristar vinyl replacement windows and patio doors, call us at 951-354-2711, or simply visit our website at and complete the online consultation form. Or, if you would like to see our high quality vinyl replacement windows and patio doors for yourself, visit our factory showroom. We are located at 887 Marlborough Avenue, Riverside, CA 92507. We are open Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturday by appointment. Our knowledgeable sales professionals would be delighted to meet you and show you why Ameristar vinyl replacement windows and patio doors will add efficient luxury to your Riverside home.