Do you want to get the best replacement windows in Moreno Valley, CA for your bathroom? That can feel like a tall order. There are so many things to think about in the bathroom that you don’t have to worry about in other areas of your home. Light, privacy, ventilation, humidity, and efficiency are all important things to keep in mind. They will dictate not only the type of window you get but where it goes and what upgrades will work best. To simplify the process for you, here are just a few of the considerations when buying new windows for the bathroom.

1. Window Size

First things first. What size do you want your new window to be? Windows are an important feature if you are looking to get more natural light in an otherwise dark space. But larger windows will often compromise privacy, which is a concern. If your window would open up on a large, private backyard property with no neighbors in sight – then you have nothing to worry about. Most will not have that luxury and will have to decide what size window will work best.

2. Window Style

The window style plays an important role in both functionality and aesthetics. In the bathroom, you likely want at least one operable window to help with ventilation and humidity control. No one wants to deal with moisture-related damage from a lack of ventilation. Many experts will recommend casement, awning, or hopper windows for use in the bathroom because they are easy to open and close, and can go higher up on the wall to help maintain privacy.

3. Window Frame Material

The frame material is another consideration. Again, because of the high moisture levels that often accumulate in the bathrooms, you want to think about getting a water-resistant frame material on your windows. Vinyl is the most common because it is affordable, durable, and weather resistant. This material will not rust, rot, or corrode from exposure to moisture. That said, fiberglass would also be a good option for use in the bathroom – though these windows do come at a higher price point.

4. Window Placement

The placement of your windows will have a lot to do with the location of your fixtures as well as the amount of privacy you want to retain. Many homeowners choose to put a sliding, transom window high up on the wall above the shower as a way to provide both light and ventilation. But if you just want more light, one possibility might be a skylight so privacy is no longer a concern.

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5. Window Glazing Technologies

It is important to insulate the windows in your bathroom to help reduce unwanted condensation. The right technologies will keep the interior glass from accumulating too much moisture.

6. Window Transparency

With bathroom windows, you might also think about investing in etched glass. This will change the opacity of the windows. That way, you can get any style and any size and put it wherever you like and still be able to maintain a high level of privacy in the space.

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