Getting new windows is an exciting venture. But it also takes a lot of planning and preparation. Do you know what to do to get your home ready for the installation of replacement windows in Moreno Valley, CA? Here are some of the steps you can follow to make sure your home improvement project runs as efficiently as possible.

Clear a Path

The first thing to do is clear the areas of the home where installers will be walking in and out. Make sure things like furniture, rugs, toys, and chords are all picked up and tucked out of the way. This goes for both inside and outside the home. Installers will do as much of the work as they can outside. But eventually, they will have to get into the home and it is best if nothing is cluttering up the space to trip them up.

Take Down Drapes and Wall Hangings

It is also important to remove any window treatments and will hangings in proximity to the windows. Window removal and replacement do require some demolition. And you don’t want any of your artwork or curtains getting accidentally damaged.

Decide What to Cover

Professional installation crews will come with some canvas to help cover the area immediately surrounding the window. This will help mitigate mess and hasten the clean-up. But if you have other furniture in the room, you might want to purchase some of your own drop cloths to help limit the amount of construction dust.

Designate a Worksite

Most installation crews like to have a worksite out front where they can load and unload the windows and their tools. It can be a clear space in the driveway or the hard. But it should be relatively flat and free of debris. If you can clear an area ahead of time, they can start the process a whole lot sooner.replacement windows in Moreno Valley CA 1

Provide Access to Outlets

Another courtesy you can do is make sure installers have easy access to the outlets both outside and in proximity to the windows. That way they can plug in any power tools without having to search and drag around extension cords.

Deactivate Alarm Systems

Do you have an alarm system active in your home? You will probably want to deactivate it while the crews are on site. This is especially true if your alarm system includes window sensors. Then, as soon as the project is complete, you can call your security system to replace sensors and reactivate your alarms.

Stay Onsite

Installation crews will be in and out of the home until the project is complete. And while it is important to not get underfoot, it is still important to stay onsite during the job so installers have access to every part of the home. It is also important in case something comes up and they have questions.

These are just a few things you can do to prepare your home for replacement windows in Moreno Valley, CA. If you have any more questions or concerns, feel free to contact our experts any time prior to your installation appointment.