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Replacement Sliding Patio Doors

Homeowners in the Riverside, Corona, Orange County and Temecula areas are looking for home improvements to add beauty and luxury to their homes while also understanding the importance of making their home energy efficient. Some families decide to choose either vinyl windows, wood windows, or double-hung windows for their home windows. But, at Ameristar Windows, we have a solution to both efficient luxuries. We manufacture and install vinyl replacement windows and patio doors that are energy-efficient, beautiful, and affordable. Let’s discuss why Ameristar vinyl replacement windows and patio sliding doors can bring affordable, efficient luxury to your California home.

Sliding patio doors are a great way to bring in natural light and fresh air into your home. They also provide unobstructed views of the outdoors, which is especially helpful for those who live on busy streets or noisy neighborhoods. The mechanisms that hold these sliding panels open can be worn out over time, so if you notice any problems with your door such as sticking or difficult movement, it might be time for a replacement. With many different styles and colors to choose from, finding the right one for your needs should not be too hard!

When it comes time to replace the sliding door, many homeowners stick with what they know. But there’s an array of other patio door options and configurations available.

Do you need replacement sliding patio doors?

Sliding patio doors are great for maximizing space in your home. They also provide a beautiful view of the outside which is perfect if you live near an area with plenty of green spaces or scenic views.

We will help guide you through the process, from selecting the right type of door to choosing between manual and automatic opening options. You’ll also learn about some different materials that can be used to construct your new sliding patio door!
We provide sliding patio door replacement services for residential clients in Riverside, Corona, Orange County and Temecula areas! All our technicians are licensed professionals who will make sure your new patio door fits perfectly into place.

Sliding Door Replacement Benefits

Single sliding patio doors are typically the least expensive, but they’re also the least energy efficient. For additional fresh-air ventilation you can opt for sliding patio doors with two sliding panels which provide plenty of room to move in and out of your home while keeping your home cool without sacrificing privacy. Adding a third sliding panel increases sound insulation even more. To accentuate style, consider decorative hardware options like rollers, handles and locks in various finishes.

Sliding Patio Door Replacement Material

The main material you’ll find sliding patio doors are made of is vinyl, just like many sliding door panels which are currently on the market today. They do not require painting or staining, since they won’t rot, chip, peel or rust. And clean-up is easy with just soap and water – no scrubbing required.

Other options include aluminum sliding doors for increased durability over vinyl sliding patio door panels, as well as wood sliding door panels for an earthy look that enhances any outdoor environment. These sliding door panels are available in a variety of styles, including raised panel sliding patio doors that are typical of classic French sliding patio door designs. And sliding barn doors are another option for sliding patio door replacement. A similar design to sliding glass closet doors, barn sliding patio doors provide the additional benefit of allowing you to close off an outdoor room or section.

Patio Door Replacement Design

There are so many different types of sliding patio doors on the market today it can be overwhelming trying to decide which one is right for you. Think about how much space you have when considering your options. Some sliding patio doors come with tracks already attached, while others require installation.

Tips for sliding patio door replacement

  1. Replace your old patio door with a new one that will increase the value of your home
  2. Invest in a sliding glass door for easy access to the outdoors from inside
  3. Add an outside screen for protection from bugs and insects
  4. Consider installing an automatic opener on your new patio door, which is easier than opening it yourself
  5. When choosing between single-pane and dual-pane windows, make sure you choose what’s best for you and your budget; both options have their advantages and disadvantages

If you’re looking for a new sliding patio door that will add value to your home, contact Ameristar Windows today!

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